Betagro is world – class branded food company. We aim to help people and their communities achieve better quality of life through quality, safe, accessible, and fair priced foods. We believe that people must have choice and access to sustainable life with happiness and good health from accessibility to quality foods which are essential to human life, and it is the foundation of sustainable development. Over 56 years, our business has continued to grow, covering from an upstream business to a downstream business. Our business starts with agro business ranging from animal feed products, animal health products to livestock including animal breeding and breed development as well as animal farm. We also operate food processing business including chicken meat, pork meat and egg products to move towards a vertically integrated food business. We offer various types of quality food products through diversified distribution channels with high standard of quality control throughout the value chain of production process, resulting in significant exposure to customers and consumers. All of this is based on the PIPIQ core values - PROFESSIONAL, INTEGRITY, PEOPLE & CUSTOMER CENTRIC, INNOVATION and QUALITY.

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